Before going for the real money play set the bet size and the number of the paylines first. For the games which are having the low variance i.e. the slots which are appealing to the smaller wallets are starting from as low as 0.01 dollar per line.

Now you have to pick the coins on a poker online Indonesia website for a particular line for which you are looking to bet. You can bet between 1 to 10 coins on a single line. Then you will have to choose the particular paylines which would the combination of symbols and the reels which you want to play. You will able to bet on the single payline or on the maximum paylines available. You will need to click on the paylines which are available on the down side of the screen of the game.

domino qiu qiu

Let us take a look one example. Take an online slot which is having the 25 paylines and having the betting in the range of 0.01 $ to 1.00 $ for a coin. The slot is allowing to bet for the 10 coins on a line. It means that you will be able to play for one coin for 0.01 $ for a single payline, so you would be able to spin 0.01 $ per bet or you would be able to plump for the maximum of 1.00 $ per coin for 10 coins in a line and it would be for the maximum of 25 paylines. This also means that the bet of the spin would be 250 $.

Take a look at the Max. bet button on domino qiu qiu website on the screen because every real money has that option for jumping on the different option.

Other slots are having the fixed paylines which means that you would be having no choice for how many slots and how many paylines you would be getting for play. It will also lead to the larger cash outlays over the time but you will also be able to have a chance of hitting the more winning combinations.

Gamble and Doubling Up

After you are set hit the button named as spin. The reels would get spin and then it will come to the rest after some time. You would be getting paid for the winning combinations and there are also some slots where you will be getting the chance to double up your winnings. You will find the button named as Gamble which is usually are in a ‘red or black color or named as ‘higher or lower’ in the card game.